Privacy policy


Privacy Policy.

Terms and Conditions: Palacea Corp. protects the information available in your account from unauthorized access, misuse or disclosure of it and not sells or gives any information available to its users. We are shared only with banks responsible for carrying out such operations. Or IP addresses and times of requests are checked against the user ID on our server.

 Refund Policy: The products in our store "are not interchangeable" Most of them are "final offer" with limited quantities, and we will always tell you the unexpected changes in "the stock subject to prior sale" and we will return the total amount of the acquired in case of the absence of product in the shortest time possible.

Surveys and Reviews: Palacea Corp. makes surveys, its users to refine their services. When choosing a range of products displayed stars, mark them giving us their opinion. We appreciate your cooperation.

Methods of Payment: Payment will be made by credit card. All are executed with the security of PayPal. In wholesale sales will be as agreed in the Contract of Sales. Any client can request a refund of the total amount of your purchase with no more than 48 hours after the payment is done electronically and Palacea Corp. is obliged to refund your money. Will be deducted 10% of the total to cover operational costs.

Shipping: Palacea Corporation sale some Organic Products. When you buy these, if possible, we need to use 2 or 3 weeks for shipping, because all products are prepared up time by the laboratory. To ensure their quality.

International sales: It will be made through the United States mail. Palacea Corp. is not responsible for any customs duties that the merchandise is imposed by the customs of the different countries. The client will have to cover the expenses personally. We suggest you, inform yourself at your post office before making the purchase.

Product Warranty: The warranties and content on the labels of the products offered on this site are the sole responsibility of trademarks in each of them, both in retail and wholesale.

Company Contact: Palacea Corp. reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at its discretion and against any client that is considered improper use made of it. Any revision or change will be mandatory, contractual and effective immediately after its publication on our website. You must agree to review our site including the current version to detect any change or revision. Once you make your purchase helps us to understand their approval of our terms and conditions. Wholesale sales, in addition to the provisions of this Policy, will also affect those agreements resulting from commercial contracts between parties.