Phototherapy for the formation of The Unicell



We suggest that you first do the therapy or the Diamantine Sun Dance

The aura is opened to form fields, so the aura will be rounded up to a perfect sphere, a circle of 360 degrees, as the man who painted the Leonardo Da Vinci Vitruvian Man.



The person lying face up putting hands on the heart chakra in a triangle.



First use the purple diamond and gold is placed over the hands are the basis to hold the PENDING DIAMOND. It makes FORCE, and not to give THE DOME OF PROTECTION.

The time we spend in our view it is (time wise)



1. Resonance in Crystals Celsius.

Two. Going to display on your mental screen that anger changing a diamond color diamond or others will take their place, the colors of these diamonds will

 Violet

 White

 Violet

 The Golden

This unicell we are part of the Universal matter and therefore our art is being perfected. How nice if we could already visualize as a particle of all creation because then we might think that we are also a particle of God, or whatever you want to call it All.


This Unicell as we know it is divided into two Fractals by Biotic AXIS this is aligned from the orifice having children on your head when they are born, the navel and perpendicular to the floor ends, but even if the child grows this biotic shaft is opened through a small hole and now in the process of cellular regeneration is very convenient end this meditation therapy in the water. You can sit in a pool and wear a snooker and glasses and sit in the back easily, do a meditation that helps water penetrate the shaft Biotically and help the transformation of water into crystals in this much-needed change. If this is not possible should do shaft in the shower and easy stay a few minutes allowing the water to penetrate the shaft.

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