Sports training with cell oxygen for athletic performance.


 Cell training with O2 for athletic performance.

"Twenty-First Century’s Ultimate Health and Sports Formula"

Oxygen saturation for physical fitness and sports is essential as to as inhaled or eating oxygen cocktail.

All research and development by American health, nutrition and sports scientists who took the extensive research and applications of the Soviet Olympic athletic scientist, that was once a guarded secret of Soviet international and Olympic outstanding sports achievements and refined it to produce a unique nutritionally empowering drink. In the United States it has been used in limited circles by elite athletes as Sherri Howard, Olympic Goal & Silver Medalist Runner, 4 records in Guinness, Al Vermeil, Strength & Conditioning, Chicago Bulls (6 Times NBA Champions), Cameo Yvette Kneuer, Ms National Fitness Championship (First to win 2 Consecutive Times), Al Miller, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Denver Bronco (4 Super Bowls and 4 AFC Titles) and professional sport teams.

The oxygen cocktail intensifies driving, secretory and enzymatic digestive canal functions improve digestion and accelerates the decomposition of nutrients, about this, we recommend using Juice without sugar or only the natural fruits without pulp. Regular use of oxygen cocktail improves your immune system.

“Eggwhite” Protein blend with juice and the Oxygen, the most vital ingredient to human metabolism, in its purest, safest and most effective form to: Provide ten time more Oxygen into tissues than normal breathing for greater energy and five times more into the liver for better detoxification, improve metabolism, immune system, recovery and fitness for healthy cells, extend physical and mental endurance and clarity, reduce fatigue, optimize sports performance, maximize stress resistance.

It is recommended to drink this cocktail for those who are often in the gym and after the experience of fatigue exercises. The Cocktail replenishes natural oxygen, and relieve fatigue. The Oxygen Cocktail can also be recommended for athletes and fans of intense training. With a strong and prolonged muscular tension the body's need for oxygen increases.

An extra dose of oxygen will help improve performance, increase endurance and increase recovery time. A good fitness instructor will tell you that fat burning occurs only with the participation of oxygen - that is, aerobic training (running, dancing, different types of aerobic exercises). In order to saturate the body with oxygen by developing a series of exercises to lose weight. Flex body, Pilates, etc


  •          Before bedtime for the first week.
  •          Before workouts to increase athletic performance.
  •          After workouts to help the body reduce soreness and recuperate faster.
  •          Before breakfast to start the day energized.
  •          Mid-day for refreshing mental & physical reinforcement and pick-me-up.
  •          Before going to bed for a pleasurable night.

"Before being athletes they are people with whom we work, they are human beings, and they are in our hands. You have to ensure that in the future they have a healthy life in their occupation. And a future as citizens when they finish their sporting life." Justina R. Rodriguez

Licensed in Physical learning, Physical Education, and Sports









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