Shipping & Returns


Shipping & Returns: This is done by regular mail by the United States,  with its various forms. You can select the type sent and the time you want to receive the goods.

For international shipments, you should always choose at least Priority mail for delivery of 8 to 10 days. Our shipments arrive anywhere in the world. Wholesale sales will be under contract. Palacea Corp. is not responsible for any customs duties that the merchandise is imposed by the customs of the different countries. The client will have to cover the expenses personally. We suggest you, inform yourself at your post office before making the purchase.

Returns: The products of our shop "are not interchangeable.”. Most are large final offers limited amounts if possible inform you if they are unanticipated changes in the stock in trade and end dates of the tenders. If any of these things happen is to reimburse the full amount of the purchase in the shortest time possible.