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EO2-190-Oxygalaxy SET

#1-System including one “Zero Gravity Chair” Inner Balance Recliner with Vibration Massage #2-One Oxygenator Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar.5L #3-Oxygen Inhalation Headset. #4-100 Oxygen nose Hose. (Different color). #5- Play New Era Music. (Four Music-therapy song) #6-Oxygen Holder Kit #7-Electric Care Fatigue Relief Vibration Massager Glass. #8- Aroma care. Diffusor to Aromatherapy. #9-3 bottle essential oil (Lavender, Orange and Rosemary) 4 oz.
€2399.00 €2280.00
excluding shipping

EO2-208- Set Oxycocktail Home Machine

Set include:- Oxygen Bar generator -Mixer (It is a multi-purpose specialized adapted for Oxygen Cocktail by Palacea Corporation) -Egg white Protein bottle with 544 g. Oxygen cocktail foaming cream. (272 Cocktail)
€684.00 €663.00
excluding shipping

EO2-214 Oxygen Activator O2 facial and hair 3L to 5L

Set incluide: - 1- Oxygen Bar (OXY01) - 1-Gravity Feed Dual-Action Airbrush. Our Airbrushes are perfect for cosmetics, and nail art. 1 Oxygen facial Mask Disposable IMPORTANT!The OXIVATOR products are not included .You must include at your purchases according to your needs
€539.00 €485.00
excluding shipping

EO2-218 Headset for Personal Oxygen Bar (OXY01)

The Headset Oxygen exhaust is intelligently designed to provide the proper benefits without any discomfort or dryness around the nose.
€40.00 €30.00
excluding shipping