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EO2-212 Hair and Facial Airbrush 3Lpm

Gravity Feed Dual-Action Airbrush. Our Airbrushes are perfect for cosmetics, and nail art. 3L to 5L
€69.99 €49.99
excluding shipping

EO2-216 Oxyfacial Activator O2 Organic Professional 5L One person.

#1 Oxygenator. 95%-5L.One Person. (If possible you received it in different color) warranty 2 years #2 Air Brush. #3Oxygen Inhalation Mask (36) Kit OXYVATOR 1 OXYVATOR Antiaging+Sensitive 1 OXYVATOR Acne+ Only 1 OXYVATOR Resurfacing 1 OXYVATOR Sensitive Post Cosmetic Procedure
€2100.00 €1765.00
excluding shipping