Photoelectric healing therapy with the Blue Diamond




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It will induce the patient into a deep meditation "Universal Fenshi". (See instructions in the paragraph)

In making this healing therapy or the Diamantine Therapy Blue Diamond, we will do a body cleansing for generating the Golden Energy. Thorough cleaning with Blue Diamond in each of the chakras starting with the navel and placing there the white diamond is made transparent. The Blue Diamond is used because blue light is BALANCING. The intent of this system of healing is to do what you are doing ORBS (are all spiritual beings of Planet Earth is now in the 4th dimension in the process of regeneration of the physical body). They are doing this also to transmute all the classics by registration. This procedure will regenerate the person with an energy scan while he places a Luminous Dome Protection.


You lie, you will be asked to take a few deep breaths and think of nothing. When we leave this person in an empty of thoughts, you will automatically have as a regression without being aware of it that will to phase unpleasant traces that make this person may have experienced unwanted in their here and now. The diamond tip oriented farm stands. Place the diamond lying on the person and give the FORCE at that point.


First, the "blue diamond" is used in each farm in the stage of "Strength - Acceptance", beginning with the navel. Each time you work with the "blue diamond" take time to leave the diamond placed the corresponding color, or the dark blue diamond is the one used to make the energy sweep to prepare each chakra as the Blue Light is BALANCING.

(Chakra # 2); After making this energetic process is placed Diamond "transparent white" in the navel; this is to connect with our PRIMARY SER, the first that was created with 100% of cosmic energy, that WAS the first drop of water. Once the color white transparent we placed corresponding FORCE, which is THE ALL.


(Chacra3 #) then the same is done in the solar plexus Daimon green.


(Chakra # 4) go to the heart chakra and there the Diamond Purple or mauve standing.



(Chakra # 5) Come to the throat and put aside the light Blue diamond.


(Chakra # 6) The third eye does not put any glass. The optional place is Indigo Blue Diamond aside.


In the Gold Diamond, Crown Chakra left.


During the Diamantine Therapy activate the "Crown Chakra" with golden energy. At the end of the golden diamond is placed in the crown chakra finally, after completing the procedure explained. This causes activation of the pituitary and of the body's signals will reveal that energy when activated.


It starts with the green and removed one by one, to remove the crown chakra. Finally sockets white glass and rises as confirming the union with the PRIMARY SER, joining hands in front and thanks are given. The session ends forming a dome Force protection around the body.


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