Photoelectric Healing for baby and pregnant mothers



The method is given by the Divine Christ Child -


They can be made to prepare pregnant women to their babies and come harmonized with the times, THE NO TIME.

• Everything is directed by the presence of the Divine Child Jesus.

• Children listen to a special meditation for children who are still in the womb of his mother. (Along with the therapy will get a written meditation you owe tax if possible with a musical background for use).

• The therapist will in a glass casket, sheets of pink and blue angels Mom will choose them when you know the sex and name. Important to have chosen the name and not change after birth this brings countless energetic and spiritual problems BEBE. Write the name of the baby, this will be your little angel "MAESTRO COSMIC" as his guardian angel.

• The mother should frame this Angelinos in one box and put it in his room.

"Baby Jesus will entrust a guardian angel who is ready with the energy of 4th item-objective dimension, so that the baby has all conditions Power of the Fourth Dimension, and this child will not have to evolve, but it will happy, have intelligence, good health, and perfect body and be prepared for the Immortality of the physical body. (Get the dedication MAESTRO COSMIC ANGEL O and put it behind the picture)

• This will also work in children from 0 to older children 12 to 13 years. The therapist will follow the steps of Diamonds to be equal for all. (See instructions on the following pages)


"Get your child THAT THIS THERAPY FOR NEW ERA sway"





************************************************** ********************************

                                     COSMIC ANGEL O MAESTRO

Appointed by the Child Jesus to give him the child IMMORTALITY with the following dedication by the back:

1. ________________________ (Name of Child / a)

2-'All entrust a very special guardian angel, who is ready with the energy of the fourth dimension, for you baby, with the intention of you have all the conditions of energy and you do not have to evolve but to be happy, you have intelligence and good health, perfect body and come prepared for the Immortality of the physical body.





Know that I love to know you're there, refugee within your mommy, waiting for the happy moment when they can meet.

All the secrets of the Universe are locked in you and I know that she, being waiting, feeling, missing you, know you are living a miracle of love.

Accompany you at this stage - Divine-that beings from Heaven - God has ordained for you, slowly you progress and belly which houses you are going to adapt to your growth, and your mom can talk, sing, give affection, send positive thoughts, rejoice with every little kick yours and convince you that loves you from the bottom of his heart.

I'm Your Cosmic Angelino, who will accompany you now and always to guide you, give you confidence and tell you that you can feel confident that your decision to come to this planet has been so successful that many happily waiting for your arrival.

You'll be surrounded by the sun, the stars, the moon, the seas land, mountains, flowers, in order beautiful scenery you'll get to know and enjoy yourself, your loved ones will be in charge of showing the beauty around you and you can enjoy the splendor many colors around you.

Beings and make wonderful party waiting to drink and you have chosen this family to come to the world and be a blessing to this home.

For my part, since I am a Cosmic Angelino, I want to fill you with virtues that you come well prepared and bring much happiness to your parents and family...


I want to fill you with:

Joy - Kindness - Beauty

Abundance - Fe - Prosperity

Wisdom - Appreciation - Simplicity

Elegance - Healing - Confidence

Willpower-Organization - The gift of the Word

Love for art - Understanding

They are all special gifts of fairies are the order of Mam to make them reality ... I wrap with light pink LOVE, and a blue beam forms a bubble PROTECTION covering your little body, the mommy, the daddy and your beautiful home.

This mommy time will think or say special words that will prepare you for them receive many spiritual and material gifts ... you deserve them ... I'll follow the whole time during delivery for both mom like you go through this very important time in the best possible way because that day will meet and look face to face, at least if your eyes are closed now rest assured that you are looking mom with infinite tenderness, she loves you so much! And at last know, the miracle come true.

Blessings Baby...

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