Activation Permanently of Golden Energy





Today we have gathered here because we got a new way to activate the Golden Energy especially for people who already have the seals affixed. In other conferences, we talked about we set the seals, after the three seals, for people to remain sealed, and then we have the Golden Energy activated. Now what happens, in practice, we know that replacing Golden Energy substitute the Cosmic Energy, it is superior to the Cosmic Energy.  Cosmic energy so far we used it to heal, but now we use the Golden Energy.

 When we started to give the Cosmic Energy, you may recall that the first few weeks we had to put it back renewed every week, because negativity, environmental things around us, who had not left the Cosmic Energy was permanently activated.

For a more or less similar process is going on now with the Golden Energy. We need the Golden Energy is permanently activated. So Divine Swan Lorin gave this form to get active Energy or Regenerate PERMANENTLY.

This one of the most important steps you need to take the human race to become Immortal one day, you know that we are all connected to a Spiritual Energy which you are born and die so we have spoken on other occasions that we have a star each people have a star, it is who supplies your energy, we are as a few threads of light, when the light is cut yarn comes death.

While this mechanism is operating it is about reincarnation that comes and goes death follows the cycle of birth and death. For us to cut this cycle, we have to our own energy self-sufficient. It is as if we had an atomic reactor in which we will supply.

We have put first the Pending Diamond at our table, which gives the strength of our family around our homes that is what leads us to harmonize health, beauty, money, and love, but after that we went to Pending Diamond on other occasions, we have made in here after all exercises for that diamond is already spinning, once all the chakras are empty and full of running and energy of the Crown Chakra Gold and diamond that starts to turn, but that diamond this "Pending" Remember that's why we will put a base to diamond for it is not over something but somewhat mimics the diamond that is in the air, then that diamond starts rotating and begins to create a force around unifying us going all the AURA, AURA and that they now had the colors around us are integrated all the colors to form the Gold. And that will force pushing out those colors because we emptied the chakras colors and make like a rainbow of 360 ° around us that is what we will become the perfect man 360. All this, plus more things have to happen before that man can become immortal. If these things do not work like this man still being born and dying. So people who are scheduled to die dates if they are not ready in these processes as they die and that's it, become circles as ORBS, in fact, and in photos, they have been dating violets ORBS. They are already very nice, we to say that they are also evolving as us anytime on the photos start to look GOLDEN ORBS, because they have the same process before they get to have a body image to live.


Lorin Divine Swan said it was very important to the Permanent Golden Energy Regeneration, and it can only be applied to people who have the Diamond Pending at home and they have put three seals.

 Each of you can do this that I’m doing, this is the beauty of it, this is one thing that comes across, it is like a torch, and it is not anyone in particular. We can do the same at home with your friends. But also you can do for yourself, for this permanent activation will keep a month, then before the end of the month, you put your diamond there and does what will make us today, you just do not have a lapse of time not having the energy permanently. As you will see the outcome, feel good, to feel good, have peace, to be quiet, to see that the economic things are resolved, everything is opening. That's where you will see health feel love, all these things say it will operate.

 Shall be as follows, I am going to read the instructions before doing when we go to do and you have the idea of what we do, the first day we did no one knew what we were doing because I do not know what we were going to do, but today as we have written and you have an idea.

  A group meets in a house to make the exercise of the Permanent Golden Energy Regeneration. It is important to add the word "Permanent" because we had many activations energies, activation of Golden Energy, but we must add that gave Divine Swan Lorin new word that is PERMANENT.

On a small table as we see here, or any that you have the will to put forward, so today we can do it in a circle. Star of David is placed over it and Diamond Pending is placed, the owner of the house and its effect on Diamond Earring person who will perform the exercise standing. In this case, I put the Diamond Drop me in the middle, but when they are in a house but it is not a home, who will get the exercise then put your Diamond in the middle. If this person did not bring your own then Diamond Pending, then take the Gold Diamond in the middle. Any people can do that. If the people do not bring the Diamond then take the Gold Diamond in the middle.

Look how things are easy. Here not there is a ritual. Nothing, if you forgot, how easy it is. So because of that, many people do not understand these things, they are used to the rituals. What happens if you do not do anything else, not, life is easy and practical without any complication.

The guide will take this diamond in the middle, on the placemat David each Diamond pending of other people were placed. Group members were placed sitting around the table where they are exposed Diamond Pending. At this time we can feel the force of Golden Energy which focuses on the center where the diamonds are. Why they influence increasing frequency.



The person chosen to perform the exercise will tell the others to grab hands in a circle including the public herself. And we will put the music “Dancing with the Deep." I brought the video recorded Juan Pedro at the last conference were we had the Golden Seals, the name of that music it is not “Dancing with Deep”, in the video say who is the author of the music, so we will continue to call like this. They will see the website of all this copied to the USB, the Internet is going to put the video, and anyone wherever this can take the music open the video and listen to music while doing this.

We indicated that they will stay with folded hands until the exercise is completed, it means that once we take our hands we will continue with hands until the exercise is completed. Then he will say done, cap the eyes after a while the chosen get up to take the hands of two people who are around him and unite to close the circle. For example:

I will do today as a guide, when we do this here, for now, I'm going to get up and if they are as close as you can hold hands, so they cannot be open circuit them hold hands when I return back to my place. But what if they were they would stay further with outstretched hands and I would be here perpetually, not the circle be broken. For example, I get up and stretch those hands do not touch, but if you are near is take them I return I take the hands of the two people who are there.

Perform the exercise by the people within, for example, will go inside the circle of people and stand in front of one to one participant and proceed with the exercise soreness towards the clock that is from left to right. It will take the Golden Triangle Shaped Diamond.

For example: I'll take the Gold and Diamond thus keep like this, all times and placed in the Crown chakra in the first person, then with moves clockwise as the Golden Diamond swivel his head as spiral turn it and replace the diamond in the Crown Chakra, then the diamond is going to go down the left side of this person because this has to do with knowledge, leading to the heart chakra and leaves it there for a little while Once this procedure is done to each of the participants, means the person and after I finish everything, I do it like this. What this will do is because you will have your eyes closed.

I am going to put in the Crown Chakra, we go to this hearing the music, everyone relax, everyone with eyes closed, and I'll make a spiral here, and I'll go down, and settle here, then to end, I will post here. (See chart Permanently Golden Energy) and then, the guide pass to the other people.


--¿Justina, that has no specific time?

No, No, it is natural that you let yourself go, more time, less time, it is something that you let yourself go and you regulate, and even with the person, you are. There may be something that makes you be more time or less depends on how you have the energy vibrating.

When the guide finishing, once the procedure is done for each of the participants. They continue with their eyes closed, the guide sits back to the group.

Then, you can activate yourself to the previous exercise. This can be done by you only at home, you do not always have to gather a group of people or the exact time only you need a relaxed home environment, you have the right time that you also remember, because it has to be just 30 days, but this is flexible, it can do 30, 31 days, if forgot me, 3 days before I can do. I feel bad and I do. That is all that self must be left on instinct. So let's say, if I’m doing this, but I also want to do it, then when I get to do the last person I keep it in my hands, and I doing the same movement, and ended all pass, before proceeding the next step, I place it in the center. The person is the last to do it. If you alone take the diamond made it and repositioned.

On the internet, we will put a drawing that Divine Swan Lorin corresponds to this process, why you start at the Left side and then back down the other side. Because this has to do with brain hemisphere. But it looks better in a drawing.

When this part ends the person will say a mantra, everyone is quiet, relaxed and indicate that attendees repeat it aloud after it, the mantra is very simple and very old because we've heard them all.

-Where there is Love, there is Peace

-Where there is Peace, is God


-Where there is Love there is Peace

-Where there is Peace, is God

Why is this, those who have read the book Mission 1. Universal Love, know that whenever Divine Swan Lorin had a moment of anxiety, the Mayor Elders when oxide Jupiter, always when the situation was more difficult, appeared a golden puff that soothed.  We are doing it that we have done a Golden Circle, which gives us peace, give us the intelligence, gives us health, which themselves gave them at the time. At this time, and in the level of vibration that we have on the planet that Golden Energy.

Who is?

- God.

So, we are not a spiritual level, or even for Mayor Elders, or Aliens. When we join our hands and create, we are creating a Center of Golden Energy, and that is, that God is here with us, which is why this mantra that we do so with a profound respect, and with deep gratitude that we will fill with Love, Peace, tranquility.

Why? For where there is Peace is God because God is the Golden Energy. That is his presence.

So, then the person responsible for the exercise notified those present that will give the group a few minutes to give thanks to God, who is present at this time. After a while, show them that they can open their eyes.

It is important to remember that this exercise should be done once a month. Now, who cannot attend any group can do it alone at home. Nor is it a matter of making a habit of this, because, unfortunately, human beings are like that from end to end, there is one that is not going to make any day but other feels so good about this taking it like a drug. So I do not cook food in my house because I have to do the exercise, Spiral Dorado. You take the life slowly, with practice, does not have to be at night, do not have to be the day, you can be at any time. It is that people who do this must have had to be a seal, and they need to have Golden Energy activate. That you know to do. If you do not do that, then you not have a circle of energy activated.


-- When one is doing alone, go up right or what?

--This is a very important question.

No, you take him directly to the Crown Chakra, because that's where the center of the Golden Energy. It is not elsewhere in the body. It is not like the Cosmic Energy that it was in the coccyx. You leave with Golden Energy you have to leave the Crown Chakra, and then you make the spiral.


--Justina, if I'm going to do with my son, I catch only two hands?

No, it does not matter that only be 2, also take hands, and sit facing each other. The problem is not that it is round, oval or square. The problem is that there is contact. After you let him, he stays like this. (Open arms).

Notice that, we are gestures that everyone does when they pray, you are trying to do contact with energy. When they say a prayer almost always raise their hands. You do not know who is giving their hands but are trying to shake hands with someone who gives it to you, you are contracting with them.

-- Any other questions?





 Now, let's take a deep breath and let's repeat the mantra.

-Where there is Love, there is Peace

-Where there is Peace, is God


- make any kind of conversation you want with the God, the Deep. You can be sure that God will hear.

Now, we where there is Love there is Peace

-Where there is Peace, is God

Now, let's take a few minutes of reflection to thank God for being present with us, and you can also

Can let go bring the hands to the chest.

 The End.

                                                        CHART PERMANENTLY GOLDEN



THE PROCESS OF POWER GOLD has made two fundamental reasons, one is the "Way of the Heart" which is the way that all human beings have come by the will of the Holy Spirit (Reincarnation with birth and die) pathway the "Lighting" with the ascension to the Infinite Love chakra (the Crown chakra). Both hemispheres have played a very important role in both ways.

El Dorado the Diamond Pending finish the circuit by the Left or Right is determined by the indwelling presence of the individual who is doing the exercise. Although the Golden Energy is activated permanently.

The Golden Energy is the "Power of Change" in "Energy Generation" makes the perfect nature of creation. Each person will have the wisdom to know if you have to close the cycle on the right or is only necessary to reaffirm the way of "The -Awareness". Those in the exercise only had to do it by the Left.