"Oxycocktail" . Oxygen Cocktail.




The oxygen Mixer Cocktail is a product of dietetics/nutrition and is not a drug, not medical use. It contains only natural ingredients that meet the highest standards of quality. Drink this compensates for the lack of oxygen that can accumulate on a daily basis and which is manifested by the tiredness, stress or anxiety.

The oxygen Mixer allows designing juice of fresh fruit and oxygen cocktails. The result: a smoothie enriched in oxygen, pleasant to drink and share.

The oxygen cocktail intensifies driving, secretory and enzymatic digestive canal functions improve digestion and accelerate the decomposition of nutrients, about this, we recommend using Juice without sugar or only the natural fruits without pulp. Regular use of oxygen cocktail improves your immune system.

 It binds Oxygen, the most vital ingredient to human metabolism, in its purest, safest and most effective form to: Provide ten times more Oxygen into tissues than normal breathing for greater energy and five times more into the liver for better detoxification, improve metabolism, immune system, recovery and fitness for healthy cells, extend physical and mental endurance and clarity, reduce fatigue, optimize sports performance, maximize stress resistance, combat free radicals to help prevent premature aging.