Meditation to the Future (Time Temporary Dome)


How to accelerate the dimensional time in the New Age?

First I'll explain and we will do practically. This can be done collectively, but also individually. This is called a Temporary Dome Time.


  This photo is the Primordial Mother guiding dare time. Note that she carries in her hands a galaxy hanging out.

  No need to repeat things, life today is very convenient just need to be relaxed, we need to be happy, as we move forward in this time or in the New Age because we are people of the New Age. Will no longer seeing the future as the New Era, New Era is your present.


Come then, that we wish to enter into this process of acceleration dimensional time together with us, this may do it alone at home. The first group if they do is hold hands, make a small ship among you. If you're just joining your hands to make your ship. I'll join the two ships yours and mine and I'm going to take a trip, but they get into each individual or collective capsule. Imagine that we are in two ships, we will go. We will not linger long because we came back at the same time. Remember that after the 4th Spatial Dimension Material time is 0 and the offset is 0.

  The first thing we have to do is:

• We do not have to think about anything.

• You only they will hear my voice or your voice (It is recommended to record the words to hear and not read)

• Van closed his eyes.

• Remember that the most important thing is to travel through time, I need to go beyond where I am. Remember that one of the most important things is to know me and when I say me, I am confirming my existence because everyone has to know where your Self because the Self is unique and individual.

• So I'm in the 4th dimension, and that I do not doubt, but I, I will travel to the 17 dimension, for now, to become aware of what it is that stay.

• I'm going to guide you around and have to be a little calm, do not need to know anything. Some thought if they come to mind, no problem, nothing. Let's say that we will close our eyes and it is very important that we do this silently, do not have to be music, there must be nothing. The atmosphere of the place where we do whether it should be quiet, safe, no cold, no heat and no rush. Have uninterrupted time

• This is a practice that is going to benefit mine. My conscience, so if we do several times will help us a lot. This says we could change so we did before, by meditation, because before we were looking for the I, not now, now I want to get myself and carry out the level at which it is located. If you are in a 4th dimension, I want to take you to a 17th dimension.

• We close our eyes, we relax, we will loosen the muscles, loosen the neck, shoulders, legs and will repeat in a loud but short, relaxed voice, what I'm saying.

I am and I will wait and another where I go.

We are going to repeat that well until the voice is coming and we will not be able to barely Scoop is our voice.

I am and wait for me and one where I go.

I am and wait for me and one where I go. I am and wait for me and one where I go.

I am and wait for me and one where I go.

I am and wait for me and one where I go. ....

Fix your eyes on a point that is between the eyes that is what is known as the third eye to see what we will see through the skin and not with our human eyes. Look in the center and there may be seen as a spiral that spins and spins and spins and spins.....

The colors change from purple to gold, a phosphorescent golden...... Our Body is dense.....

Now I close my eyes a little stronger and begin to see the universal vacuum. Avoid that gets a little dark because it is the universal space. Violet waves appear ... but the bottom begins to visualize a spotlight ... in that order... It makes me all in a golden yellow energy. I look at my body, without opening his eyes, look at your chest, his head down, and see how your body is golden. It is the virtue of having everything and everything can.


I think I am what I am. And where I am

If you’re well is to know who I am. .... Give it to meet

Everyone think of a number and a word......

He was and is there...

(Now hear the words gravities above)

Conserved-awareness in you this time new

(Those are the words of one who is waiting for us in the dimension sixteen, who has guided us on this trip.)

- Preserved in you understanding this dense and deeper dimension within the Universal Love. Starting today, your body will weigh more than it actually weighed before leaving the 4th dimension. You have acquired a physical volume contraction between your particles will enable you to activate unknown forces in a new field of forces, wherever you can cancel your time in the 4th dimension, forces that have so far been destabilizing for you because you belong to a universe created and disseminated in higher stages where knowledge becomes conscious, deep knowledge and this is what it means that my words are sealed you like the advent of a new time and mark on this planet earth a journey through the infinite universe where no one can go back to yesterday. Because yesterday, will not have any more room in your mind or in which they live and dwell with you. Go in peace for love, happiness, and smile, transform you and in which you now dwell, all the positive virtues canceling all the negative virtues you have accompanied this time.


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