Fractals to Cells Regeneration.

 Fractals are like kaleidoscopes when an image is repeatedly played, that is important for cell regeneration. Because the order to regenerate the cell is repeated in equal ways, then each cell has a different shape, are different, depending on whether they are of the skin or body different, but the important thing is to give them the order to reproduce, and enter that order because everything in the universe is, it multiplies.

Note: This video is 3D lasts about an hour do not use all at once use it for small parts and new parts every time, can give seasickness is advisable to go on seeing him slowly.

Besides water, other than the energy, apart from the Sun, all that we are doing, we also give the order to the brain to change the cell and ordered him to regenerate, through the practice of seeing through three-dimensional fractals, we decompose when put to you a kaleidoscope that image was divided into three, then you compose again to the inside and you separate the images and see in dimensions, you focus on the center between the two eyes, to activate the third eye.



Fractal #1   

Among the three when you look here look here, look here, look here, (referring to different levels formed within the diamond once you put a bright over the other forming a diamond pendant, by focusing on center point going upwards discovered these levels as dimensions and placed them on a basecoat of 360 degrees, or the perfect circle, we get to see the door to the fourth dimension drawn by the edges that multiply inside the diamond it is suggested that these diamonds are large-size, order placing is purple below and white above, after achieving the evolution that leads us to the 8th dimension then post the gold top) and white place it in a container with clean water preferably transparent white glass and hold it there with clean water provided by the water covered,it is necessary to water our bodies become Photoelectric crystals. (Helium 4).

Structure Orbe.R.B.Q. Magnetosphere 

Protection of:
External effect navigation of energy.

Protection Electromagnetic field. Energy Thought Inteligencia Emotion.

Intelligence Ionic energy.

Our body takes a process as Orbs, these are the things that after June 7, 20:00 4th Dimension entered Objective materials and create their similar but different bodies, as they do not have royalty in this dimension (remember it is very important to the image of deceased loved for them to use and we can meet again and recognize, that no one will remember your image a new image but no one materially and objectively), more or less the same, you have to regenerate the edges of the diamonds to his new body. 

"Remember the words of the Master Jesus, New lands, new bodies for the living and the dead"

Fractals #2                         

Fractals #3                    

The fractal will always look the person has available to do so. Since DNA is expecting this information to continue the process essential for cell regeneration immortality. Recall that we must be selective when selecting fractals because they must be of colors that harmonize with the chakras, should not be with vegetable pictures, animals or others that involve or see them dominate the black color, remember that the black color is not projected light. For the exercises, we recommend using fractals samples # 1 # 2 and # 3.