How to Activate the Energy Cosmic in your body.



This energy put EVERYTHING same with his breath in us so we could keep in top condition, he gave 100%, but because they have passed so many lives of different energies surrounded it hid because its nature as EVERYTHING is 100% is pure and what is known as Kundalini energy. And for that, they could run our bodies and the basics in the body dropped 10% or 20% of that energy which is called Biological Energy for our growth and conservation... But that energy is the only knows our personal code and if this code is activated, can repair all cells of the body when Science achieves know the special code for each of your cells also have this ability ... makes sense right?
The most important thing is to know that the Cosmic Energy NO TWO POLES, has only positive, due to which lacks magnetism.
Cosmic Energy we have at the base of the spine, and we were forwarded by our mother at the time of fertilization with a luminous spark of white energy that keeps us our body with a radiant energy before birth, after birth begins the child to live with the negativities of the medium and the time comes where she is hiding and leaves the process for Biological Energy. But you can make placing your hand in front and say ... "I'm going to activate the Cosmic Energy" ... and that's enough. Without support your hand you begin to give orders as clockwise, and you're so rotating your right hand all the body parts that you can achieve, you can be sitting or standing or as you want, what matters is the intention. If you practice the Cosmic Energy she can stay active for 8 days, and then repeat and go lengthening the period until the disease is outlawed. That's where the difference is any other energy can soothe and heal things that have not changed the cell information, but only the Cosmic energy can totally do it because orders can change cell knows its genetic code
An easy and practical way to get active Cosmic Energy is when we swam and we're soaping, remember ... just say "I'm going to activate the Cosmic Energy" ... Everything is simple and uncomplicated.
Women apply power with the right hand, the men left.
When you are the active someone NOT GIVING THESE YOURS, this self-awakening of the person to which the activating these.

At the end of the session you should seal by a dome of protection, this is done by placing your hands together looking at the floor the two thumbs touch and the two indices, so that in the center of the two hands remain a triangle and fingers are together and stretched. This triangle you pass around the body like I was circling the aura, as often as you feel necessary. So your energy body gets the energy in and protected.
To certify the same places your hands in the same position but on your crown chakra, or over your head and rotate your hands in circles, three or four times as much as you feel you should. Remember that none of this knowledge is to complicate simplification but to increase your personal power and that is what EVERYTHING wants you to recover.
You can also make a dome of protection to your home by placing hands as I said, but this time think there is a laser beam passing in the middle of the triangle formed by joining hands, you go from the handle of your front door watching as this beam falls perpendicular to the door and then moving it all over the walls until you reach the door again. Ray always going to see perpendicular to the walls and you'll pass by a rotation of your body and be making the design of a line touching a circle forming as touching all the walls surrounding your house.
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